Compiling Glue

This page describes how to compile Glue for Windows and Linux 32bit and 64bit clients simultaneously. For other systems please refer to Compiling Glue for Anonymous Platforms.

1) Download VirtualBox. Be sure to get the version matching your host and operating system. You can get it in your package manager or directly from here: (you may also use any other compatible virtualization suite of your choice but this example uses the opensource VirtualBox).
2) Download this virtual appliance image - it contains the build environment: -----
3) Start up the VirtualBox manager and select File->Import Appliance (ctrl+I) then choose the appliance that you downloaded
4) Log into the system by using the username "compilefarm" and password "compilefarm" - you may later change these to your own liking.
5) You will now be at a shell - run "svn update" followed by "./" followed by "./"

Once you have followed these steps the system will produce 4 binaries and put them in a directory called "output/<platform>/" where platform is one of win32, win64, linux32, linux64.

Compiling Glue without the virtual appliance

In case you do not like to trust an unsigned virtual appliance (a perfectly reasonable thing not to do!) here is the list of steps to take to create the environment yourself:
1) Download Ubuntu 64bit (or any other modern Linux distro) and install it
2) sudo apt-get install subversion patch m4 autoconf libtool libssl-dev g++ g++-multilib
3) create a user called compilefarm
4) In the homedir of compilefarm: svn checkout checkout/burp/compilefarm

Now continue from step 5 in the virtual appliance guide.